Royal Rumball Route and More!

Date: Sunday August 11 2013
Location: Highland Park Entry Garden, Pittsburgh PA
Time: 11 am meetup, 11:30 am neutral start.

50 miles, 5000 feet of climbing. No entry fees, no support. You are on your own. This is an individual bike ride, with a recommended course that includes roadways open to traffic. There are long sections of road and some large intersections. Follow all traffic laws. Stop at red lights and stop signs. Signal turns. Be respectful of pedestrians, especially on shared use paths. There will be loose gravel and dirt sections. This will be hard. Ride at your own risk. You might want a Plan B.

For Contenders: Do you think you have a shot at the belt? Put your name on a white notecard and drop it in the entry box. Starting order for Top Contenders will be determined by a random draw, with the first 30 riders leaving at 20 second intervals. Race in only bibs or otherwise have a wrestling outfit that impresses the judges and jump to the front of the line. All others will start as a group. This is the Royal Rumball.

For those just riding along: Look over the cue sheet, find some friends to ride with. You will start after the Contenders.

Intercontinental Rumball Title: Eat a rumball, get your card punched. Rumballs are available at the start, at the Emerling Park water stop at mile 15.4, and at the city water stop at 3906 Liberty Ave at mile 33. Rumballs may run out, checkpoints may close. The rider who completes the course within 133% of the time of the overall winner and has consumed the most rumballs in the process will win the Intercontinental Rumball Title. Rumballs contain rum, you must be 21+ to vie for the Intercontinental Rumball Title.

Highland Park is not the start, just the meeting place. We will proceed as a neutral group over the Highland Park Bridge to the starting point at approx mile 4.5 of the cue sheet. At Squaw Valley Park we will break into groups and start.

End: Shadyside Nursery, 518 Maryland Ave. Weather Permitting: Bikes and Bluegrass with the Mon River Ramblers. $10 door fee includes a beer and music. Food trucks available, bars and food nearby. Don’t have to pay door fee to finish.

Route Details

Maps and Turn By Turn Directions at Ride With GPS.

You will be provided with a turn by turn cuesheet with small maps. We have made it easy for you to use the provided cue sheets, or load the following electronic copies to your device of choice.

TCX file – rumball.tcx
GPX file – rumball.gpx
CSV cuesheet file – rumball.csv

Follow the course! Cheating is recommended in wrestling, but not at The Royal Rumball.

Caution!Mile 7.8. Wise Rd. There is a gate at both the top and bottom of the road. Passage is very narrow. Be prepared to stop at bottom of hill! Gate approaches without warning! Mile 9.0. Campbells Run Rd. This road is closed after a short distance, proceed around metal gate and onto closed portion of road. Roughly one mile in road is blocked by cement barriers, with large gate on left. Continue on path through cement barriers, road gets more rugged and heads uphill to reach pavement and Fox Chapel Rd. There is a quick right and immediate left to continue on Fox Chapel Rd. Mile 11. Very tight righthand hairpin turn onto Old Mill Rd. This is gravel. Mile 13.1. At intersection with 910, go straight across road onto dirt footpath that connects to McClellan Rd. Pretty obvious. Mile 21.6 Be careful cross Rt 8! Heavy traffic. Mile 28 Connect to trail under 62nd St Bridge in Etna. Follow your nose from Bridge St, cross tracks, follow trail towards city. Mile 38.5. Enter Frick Park Nine Mile Run Trail via Allenby Ave behind building just before Braddock Ave and the Parkway meet. Mile 38.9 Careful crossing Commercial Ave. Fast traffic! Mile 40.2 Be careful of bollards on bridge!


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